Baltec application for electrical solenoid sensor
Electrical Solenoid or sensor assembly

Roll forming electrical solenoid or sensor assemblies while avoiding interference and with interruption.

Sichere, spielfreie Lagerung
Secure bearing play free

Bearings are often inserted or pressed into precision bores. The challenge is to secure them in the bore without any play.

Joining application by Baltec for Heavy duty flex-coupling
Heavy-Duty Flex coupling

BalTec's many years of know-how and experience in riveting heavy-duty flex coupling parts for the general industry are well known.

Teaser image of riveted battery terminal
Battery terminal

Joining solutions for battery terminals or electrical power rails, ensuring a high strength and electrical continuity.

Teaser image of shear riveting application
Shear riveting

Cold forming solutions of unusual geometries in fine mechanics are one of BalTec's many areas of expertise.

golden contacts coldforming application
Electrical Gold Contacts

Coldforming of electrical contacts in a variety of materials such as gold or precious metals is one of BalTec's core competences, especially in combination with the multi-riveting head MRX.

Baltec application of joining a seat belt buckle
Seat belt buckle

The production of a safety belt buckle is subject to strict quality requirements due to the safety aspects.

BalTec ring-staking solution to join non-geometric forms
Peel Riveting

Peel-riveting, also known as shear riveting, is a way to join non-typical geometries by peeling-off and forming material.