Baltec application for electrical solenoid sensor

Electrical solenoid assembly

Roll forming application with limited access through interferences are a welcome alternative to crimping. In this example it is about roller forming a canister with interruption.

Closures of solenoids and sensors typically need to be watertight. Additionally access to the area that needs to be closed is limited or difficult. Roller forming is a well suited process, but overcoming the interference is a challenge. 

Combining a customized roll forming head with the servo controlled ELECTRIC roll forming machine is a perfect solution.
This setup allows for the roll forming head to be oriented in a defined position while advancing to a position where the interference is no longer an obstical. Rotation and forming at this point can commense. After forming, roll forming head stops again in a defined position, from where it can return to its home position.

Facts & Figures

Reference No. BCHA1025
Forming Process Roller forming
Material Aluminum, steel, stainless steel;
Geometry Cylindrical housing
Shank type Hollow, canister / can – like body
Rivet head geometry Can Ø typical: 16-45mm
Forming Tool Customized roll forming tool
Interface Interface to external PLC for auxiliary functions
Performance Data Complete machine cycle, including slide table: approx. 4 sec
Equipment Workcell, manually operated
Application Area Industrie, manufacturing, automotive, solenoid housing, sensor housing, cans, tubes, watertight canister
Devices EB15 – ELECTRIC roll forming station
Process Control HPPi
User Benefits: Process Fast process, full-around, uniformly roll formed edge, completely watertight. Compact station, including various in-process quality assurance monitoring.
User Benefits: Economic Substantial savings by keeping station very simple. No costly, additional mechanism & part handling was necessary.

This project was realized by BalTec AG

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