Drawing of BalTec manual sliding table type HST-*

Manual sliding table

Sliding tables are made for environments, where safety is especially critical. Or whenever the stroke of your riveting machine is too small to manually load rivets and parts efficiently, thus saving time.

The BalTec manual sliding tables are suitable for inserting workpieces outside of the riveting position. For additional safety, optional protection is available to fully guard the operator permitting a rivet cycle to be activated without use of the two-hand device.

BalTec offers two different sizes, depending on the size of riveting machine.

Pneumatic sliding Table

The pneumatic locking-slide table is also available with initiator. The difference is the additional automatic lock-in-position cylinder and a spring release of the sliding table once the riveting process is finished.

These two models als also availabe with proximity switch for monitoring the sliding table and or with an optional protection by fully guarding the operator, and permitting the activation of a rivet cycle without use of two-hand device.

cover to enable automatic mode without two-hand operation.

BalTec manual sliding table in a protection housing
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08. Sep 22

Electric live in Germany

As a further BalTec representative, the company Technisches Büro Diehl from Langenfeld has also successfully completed the training on the ELECTRIC.

12. Jul 22

Experts on ELECTRIC

The members of our representative for Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia successfully graduated their training on our Electric riveter.

13. Apr 22

Lockdown Shanghai

In the current situation due to the COVID-19 blockage in Shanghai, we would like to inform you that the logistic service for machines, spare parts or repairs of BalTec equipment is temporarily operated from Switzerland.