Especially in the digital age, it has become increasingly important to talk to you one-on-one. At the exhibitions, you can see how BalTec riveting machines can bring even greater productivity, efficiency, and safety to your warehouse - tailored to almost every area of production and business. Your chance to get hands-on experience of BalTec at each live event and see compelling examples from the field.

assembly show 2021

Assembly Show 2023

Chicago, IL - 24.-26.10.2023

Booth No. 1223
+1 724-873-5757

Further Exhibitions

Our distributors exhibit BalTec machines worldwide at their local trade shows. Don't miss the opportunity to meet our partners and staff members and experience BalTec solutions on-site.

Metalex 22. - 25.11.2023 | Bangkok, Thailand

22. - 25.11.2023| Bangkok, Thailand

This event is organised by our partner Krasstec

Tech Industry 30.11.-2.12.2023 | Riga, Latvia


30.11.-2.12.2023 | Riga, Latvia

This event is organised by our partner Waldecgroup