BalTec application of electrical gold contacts

Electronic gold contacts

The task was the forming of highly conductive electrical gold contacts.

Meeting the quality requirements with the use of hand presses and the like is not possible. It is essential to guarantee a highly conductive, resistance-free contact connection for up to 25 connections per rail. The entire contact rail is unusable if there is only one inadequate connection.

By using perfect riveting tools and dies, precise riveting machines and the ability to precisely control the forming process, the components can be manufactured to the highest quality.

Facts & Figures

Reference No. BCHA1026
Forming Process Radial
Material Gold-alloy
Geometry Inner-Ø0.8mm
Shank type Hollow
Rivet head geometry Eyelet-flare
Forming Tool Eyelet-flare with superfinish
Performance Data Forming time: 1.2 sec.
Equipment Manual feeding / positioning by special precision made fixture
Application Area Electronic engineering, medical engineering
Devices Radial riveting machine RN151 with Process Control HPP
Process Control HPP-25 Process Control
User Benefits: Process Reliable and stable process, quality-improvement (Scrap rate <0.01%)
User Benefits: Economic

Production cost savings

This project was realized by BalTec AG

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