Heavy duty flex-coupling application by Baltec

Heavy-duty flex coupling

Large rivets require a high forming force - yet the rivets should not be compressed or bent in its length.

Due to the rivet size and strength, it takes a longer cycle time to form large, tough rivets. That, in turn, leads to high temperatures at the rivet and plunger and consequently to a high wear of the tool.

Radial riveting provides ideal ‘holding’ of the rivet shaft during the forming processes, which results in efficient forming. The friction is minimal, the forming time is short, and thus, the tool wear is minimized. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use lubricant on the rivet / forming tool.

Facts & Figures

Reference No. BCHA1034
Forming Process Radial
Material Steel
Geometry Ø 16 x 60mm
Shank type Solid rivet
Rivet head geometry Flat, Ø min 21.5
Forming Tool Forming tool Ø25
Performance Data Force: ~90 KN  |  Time : ~ 1.5sec!  |  Formed rivet height: 4.7mm!
Equipment Rigid support fixture of the component during forming is necessary
Application Area Large rivets, high strength rivets, heavy-duty rivets, movable, flexible
Devices RNS481
Process Control HPP-25
User Benefits: Process Short forming times
User Benefits: Economic By using the RNS481, a flexible production of the large product range and short changeover times can be easily realized.

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