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Secure bearing play free

Bearings are often inserted or pressed into precision bores. The fixed position must be ensured permanently. Therefore, the bearing must be secured in axial direction!

To secure the bearing inside a stamped sheet metal component, required forming force must be kept at a minimum. Cold forming by means of a press is destructive and not an option.

BalTec offers well suited processes, in combination with an optimal forming tool. Successful processing of the work piece is possible, due to axial forces which are a fraction of those with a press. Additionally scrap rate was practically eliminated.

Facts and Figures

Reference No. BCHD1031
Forming Process Orbital or tangential
Material Steel
Geometry Applicatzion specific
Shank type Based on design
Rivet head geometry Intermittent / folded lip
Interface USB, LAN, X4, X6, X9
Forming Tool Special tool with interruption in the profil to reduce forming force
Performance Data Forming time: 1sec
Total machine time : 1.5sec
Forming force : approx. 10kN
Equipment RN 281 Tangential (max. 17kN), table top machine, CE compliant
Application Area orbital / tangential riveting in Automotive, general mechanism, transmission gearing
Devices RN 281 Tangential, HPP-25
Process Control HPP-25
User Benefits: Process 100% in process quality assurance. Reduction of scrap
User Benefits: Economic Increase of productivity and quality. Reduction of cost

This project was realized by BalTec AG

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