BalTec icon to show servo riveting process


The fully servo powered ELECTRIC riveting devices offer sustainable production, efficiency, a compact form factor and strikingly effective forming processes.

BalTec icon showing radial riveting motion


Radial riveting is usually suitable for all materials, but especially for delicate surfaces or materials due to short cycle time, consistency, and the fact that necessary force is minimal compared to other forming processes.

baltec orbital riveting graphic


Orbital riveting is an optimal alternative to radial riveting in some cases. Since the tool follows a circular motion and never stands vertically, material flow is quite different. Orbital riveting lends itself to non-solid materials or workpieces with larger diameters, often joined with hollow rivets.

BalTec icon showing a roller forming head


Roller forming is best suited for applications where thin material walls and or large diameters are to be formed. Downward force minimal as compared to radial and orbital, which makes for a gentle process ideal for delicate applications.

BalTec riveting peens of all sorts, materials and sizes


"State of the Art" servo riveting is what you call efficient, compact, and strikingly effective. The fastest process times, energy-saving, and flexibility characterize the new generation of electric riveting and roller burnishing machines.

Make your pick

Not all cold-formed joining connections are equal. Force, distance and time as decisive factors define the three most important parameters. Depending on the size and nature of the material, these parameters can vary enormously. There are differences and advantages.


Radial riveting vs. pressing

Keep an eye on it

All industry sectors need it. Control and monitoring of forming processes are the basis of every successful industrial production. Not to mention the data output, which will enhance your fine-tuning.

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