BalTec Application of Thrust bearings
Thrust Bearings

Bearings often have to be secured to shafts. The correct position must be permanently ensured

BalTec image of riveted pliers
Riveting Pliers

Daily use of the pliers is pleasant when the ease of movement of the joint is constant, good enough and not too loose.

BalTec picture of ladder rung with square size
Ladder rungs

Rungs of aliminium ladders are round or square formed, but both have to be rugged and safe for those who climb up.

BalTec image of a rotor counter-balance
Rotor Balancing Weight

The target was to develop an assembly solution for a rotor counter-weight with several hollow rivets.

BalTec image of a pressostat
Pressure Control

Pressostats monitor the pressure and, therefore also the temperature, be it in boilers, valves, or pumps.

BalTec image of a steering fork with oval form
Steering Fork

Steering forks and steering column connections are extremely safety-relevant components in automobiles which cost lives in the event of failure.

Application for thermostat

Roller forming a thick wall of an automotive thermostat assembly lead to economic and manufacturing benefits.

BalTec project for mat friction car brakes
Car Brakes

Secure car brakes that engage when needed. That's what automobile parts manufacturing industry requires.