baltec hpp-25 process control for riveting processes

Process Control HPP-25

The well-known HPP-25 Process control and monitoring system

with integrated archiving possibilities comes with 6 different control criteria, 45 different riveting modes, accurate rivet detection during riveting cycle. Settings can be customized and saved, and the integrated archiving and logging of process data allows for data collection on USB sticks or Excel files.


Time Based Control with RC-30

Riveting process is controlled by time setting

Designed for operation with BalTec radial riveting machines, this control is modular and can be used for pneumatic riveting machines (single or double), for hydraulic riveting machines, with NHE-E, in the rotary table riveting machine or in combination with the sliding table.

The RC-30 control is equipped with a touch screen and all information is directly accessible through the screen.

BalTec time based control RC-30
Cutting edge riveting process monitoring and control for your production.


Optimizing production and eliminating time loss or scrap by defining key process-operating parameters and control of the reference value is a long-time concern. 

Former models have an older technology where the current RC-30 comes with an opimized technology, modern design and has enhanced usability. All older machine types with RC-10 or RC-20 control systems are compatible with the newer time based control device RC-30. 

If you need s​​​​​upport regarding former BalTec control systems, don't hesitate to contact us or one of our representatives.


The first time based control RC-10 was used with former BalTec riveting machines of the SN-line.


The RC-20 is the precedent model of the current RC-30, also combined with the SN-type riveters.


The Original! STF was invented as it controls way (S), time (T) and force (F). 

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