Our tutorials or classic explanatory videos are continuously supplemented and are helpful when it comes to the installation or setup of BalTec devices and controls. 

Process Control with HPP-25

BalTec Tutorial on finding the riveting curve on HPP-25

Riveting curve display

Where do you find the riveting curve on the HPP-25 process control display? You will learn exactly that in this tutorial.

BalTec Tutorial image

Logger Data

No data loss thanks to storage of HPP-25 logger data. Learn how to do it. 

Baltec Tutorial on HPP-25 settings and back-up

HPP-25 Tools

Learn more about machine parameters and backing up or restoring process control data.

Machines and Maintenance

BalTec Tutorial on loggerdata of HPP-25

Exchanging form tool holders

This tutorial shows how to change the form tool holder and pressure cup of BalTec radial and tangential riveting machines.

BalTec Tutorial for automatic grease lubrication of the spindle head

Automatic lubrication

The automatic grease lubrication maintenance by refilling the grease reservoir is easy. That simple!