BalTec hppi pc software starting graph

Process Control and Monitoring

For Precision & Reliability

Whether in the automotive or electronics industry, the consumer goods industry, the hardware industry, or medical technology – the control and monitoring of forming processes is the basis of every successful industrial production.
For over 20 years, BalTec has been offering the patented process control, which was specially developed for radial riveting and is now applied in all joining processes of BalTec.

The basis of the process control is the monitoring of the force-stroke curves over the time track using state-of-the-art sensor technology.

Your benefit – the competitive advantage:

  • Compliance and verification of predefined quality characteristics
  • Proof of quality through complete documentation of the process
  • Reduction of rejects and rework costs
  • Reduced process times thanks to dynamic forming contact point (NA)
  • Important for proof of process capability and product liability


Visualization of forming cycle:

T:     Forming time
Tc:   Total cycle
S:     Stroke
F:     Force
a:     Forming contact point (NA)
b:     Forming of workpiece
c:     Achieved dimensions within specifications
d:     End of forming process
e:     Response time lag

BalTec Process Control and Riveting Process Curve

Process Control HPPi (ELECTRIC)

The HPPi PC software was developed specifically for BalTec's ELECTRIC product line.

This software is Windows 10 compliant and serves as an HMI (Human Machine Interface) portal for the safe, efficient and productive use of the ELECTRIC machine. The HPPi PC Software is not available for applications with other than the ELECRIC machines.

BalTec HPPi software program picture

The package fulfills EMC and meets the highest safety standards in mechanical engineering. Predefined motion profiles allow flexible programming and parameterization of application-specific profiles for forming and riveting processes to achieve high machine capabilities (CpM) with the world's most unique rivet start detection.

The visualization and graphical presentation convince with a clear and organized structure and support process data management. With open communication channels to and from a higher-level control system, it meets the latest standards in the context of Industry 4.0.


BalTecs Process Control HPP-25 device for CLASSIC-HPP machines to control and monitor the riveting process

Process Control HPP-25 (Classic)

Central and unique function of the Process Control HPP-25 is the patented and fastest on the fly detection of the workpiece. Riveting control with simultaneous quality monitoring data collection during monitoring allows you to evaluate, analyse and achive data.
The beginning of the forming process is registered without loss of speed and without previous scanning. The HPP-25 can be used for all pneumatic and hydraulic machines equipped with position and force sensors. The simple operation with 6 different control sizes and more than 45 predefined modes allows a direct, fast and flexible adaptation to new production needs.

Visualization of process data and force / stroke process curves are included in the standard scope of delivery. Optionally, a PC tool (Windows 10) is available. Communication to and from a higher-level control system takes place via predefined digital I/O. For the transmission of process data via UDP, an IP/Ethernet interface is available as standard. As an alternative to the UDP protocol, an interface to Siemens PLC (S7-300 | S7-400 | S7-1200 | S7-1500) is optionally available.

Smooth Finishing for HPP-25

Exclusively for Process Control HPP-25: Smooth Finishing proportional pressure regulator, mounted on support plate, for pressure regulation of the riveting process via HPP-25. 

Picture explanation: 
X – Axis: Time (seconds, resolution variable), Y – Axis: mm / kN, Yellow curve: Spindle path (showing deformation progress over time), Red curve: Forming force applied on the rivet (Forming force = deformation resistance of the rivet)

BalTec smooth finishing graph
BalTec RC-30 time based control housing

Time based Control RC-30

Riveting process is controlled by time setting.

This control is modular and can be used for: pneumatic riveting machines (single or double riveting machine), hydraulic riveting machines (single riveting machine), rivet base detection devices, rotary indexing table riveting machines and sliding tables.