BalTec Forming Tools for innumerable ways of applications

Forming Tools

All standard riveting peens are manufactured inhouse.

For customized applications we also take care of the drawing and fabrication of the tools.

Forming tools, suitable materials:

  • HSS (typical)
  • Alternative materials for increased service life

Coating for various uses:

  • For reduced friction / gentle on the workpiece surface
  • Forming of workpieces with hard surface, glass reinforced plastic, etc.

Typical profile shapes are flat, conical, crown, eyelet-flare, flat-flare, flare, ring stake, high-crown, roll-in or draw-in.

Shank diameters

The available shank diameters are:

Shank Ø 8mm for multi riveting head MRX 2 and MRX 3
Shank Ø 10mm for RNE/RN 081-231, SNE/SN 170-220 (old types)
Shank Ø 14mm for RNE/RN 280-380
Shank Ø 20mm for RNE/RN 281-431, ENE/EN 20-35, SNE/SN 270 (old types)
Shank Ø 30mm for RNE/RN 481

BalTec Form tool drawing

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