Shear riveting application by Baltec

Shear riveting

The challenge was the forming of unusual geometries in the area of fine mechanics riveting the rivet head material plane.

A brass gear wheel is to be axially connected to a shaft. The protruding material to be formed is to be shaped into the program on the gear wheel and protrude only minimally from the plane surface, thus fixing the gear wheel on the shaft. The shaft was prepared with an axial undercut. The material to be formed should be formed flat to the outside.

Using a hollow form tool, the material in the undercut is pressed down flat into the transmission on the gear wheel and formed flat. This fixes the gear wheel to the shaft. The remaining material has a minimum protrusion of <0.05mm. Due to the precise component pick-up and rivet start detection, the material can be formed exactly to the desired height.

Facts & Figures

Reference No. BCHA1024
Riveting Process Radial riveting
Material Steel
Geometrie Ø: OD4 mm / rivet protrusion 0.4 mm
Rivet head geometry Folded plane outward
Forming Tool Hollow
Performance Data Cycle time: approx.1.5 sec, 
Devices Force reduced riveting machine RN181R
Process Control Process control HPP-25
Area of Application Fine mechanics
User Benefits: Process Reduced effort and time for setup/changeover, reliable process, reduction of NOK rate
User Benefits: Economic Simplified joining process, alternative to cumbersome joining solutions of different materials

This project was realized by BalTec AG

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