BalTec Machinery (Shanghai) Ltd.

BalTec Machinery (Shanghai) Ltd. is the BalTec AG subsidiary in China, established in 2014. Our technology center locates in Shanghai with demo machines, providing trial possibilities to customers. BalTec AG is a Swiss company with more than 50 years of experience in riveting technology and manufacturing of equipment. BalTec keeps its position as a technology leader and solution provider, offers sophisticated and advanced solutions for various high-quality joining applications. Classic radial riveting equipment and process controll devices have been widely used in automotive components, assembly, medical instrument, electronic appliances and many other industries.

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BalTec Machinery (Shanghai) Ltd.
Xinwu Science Park, Building 2/ room 1A,
No. 1189 Li An Road, 201100
Shanghai, P.R. China

Phone      +86 21 6430 0732 
E-mail      baltec(at)