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BalTec do Brasil LTDA was established in 2013 to meet the demand in South America. Located in Jundiaí, 57 kilometers north of Saõ Paulo, the BalTec Brazil Team covers all requests of South America. BalTec Brazil also offers a variety of complementary products with regard to the fastening industry, especially all Bracker and Coloman spare parts and accessories (formerly, now called BalTec), complying with the local standards. And of course the customer specific work cell manufacturing has to be highlighted.

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BalTec Brazil is specialized in manufacturing locally according to high-quality Swiss technology levels. The assortment ranges from work cells with safety housings for regular riveting machines, coordinate riveting machines with rotary indexing tables or transfer systems. The professionalism of the team, gained in over 24 years of experience, speaks in their favor.

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The German company Mäder Pessen has been manufacturing manual and pneumatic table presses in various sizes and systems since 1960. Customer-focused further development has ensured a leading position. BalTec Corporation offers a variety of manual and pneumatic presses as complementary assortment to the BalTec range.

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Automated Industrial Systems, Inc. (AIS), located in Erie, PA, United States, was founded in 1977 as a producer of customized assembly devices. AIS produces automatic machines for placing internal and external o-rings or retaining rings. BalTec Brazil offers a wide range of AIS products.

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BalTec do Brasil LTDA
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