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BalTec (UK) Ltd. was established in 1987 and has gained expertise in riveting machines and equipment, press systems, and screw driving systems. And last but not least, the specialisation in developing and manufacturing customised work cells for safe parts production. The company also sells a number of other products associated to the fastening industry. BalTec UK supports plant manufacturers and customers in our trials and testing lab when determining the best joining technology and during the integration of machines to assure a high level of quality and customer satisfaction.

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As specialist in a regional market we also offer complementary products and tools to enable our customers to purchase everything from one single source, compact and coordinated. Among them you will find well-known companies with high quality standards.

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BalTec UK is specialized in manufacturing high-quality work cells for double riveting machines, for coordinate riveting machines with rotary indexing tables or transfer systems, with security housings. The professionalism of the team, gained in over 24 years of experience, speaks in their favour.

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The German manufactured Gechter press range complements the BalTec riveting machine.
BalTec (UK) Ltd offers the full range of Gechter presses from 2kN hand rack & pinion to 500kN Hydro-Pneumatic presses. To see the complete range, click on the link or contact us for help on sourcing the right press for your application.

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The Japanese manufactured Janome Electro-Press complements the BalTec Electric riveting machine range. Focused on high precision and equipped for may different industries. BalTec (UK) Ltd offers you the full ranges of Electro-Presses ranging from 500N to 100kN.
To see the full range please contact BalTec (UK) Ltd by using the form below.

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Fiam is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of industrial air and electric screwdriving systems.

BalTec can offer the full range of Fiam screwdriving systems, from the standard hand-held screwdrivers to fully automatic systems. Please contact BalTec (UK) Ltd and discuss your application, we are here to help.

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The Delvo range of industrial screwdriving technology manufactured by Nitto Kohki, offers a high-quality tool for tightening screws. The fully electric tool controls the tightening sequence to give a repeatable joint. These screwdrivers are supported with accessories for calibrating torque settings and screw pick-up systems and screw counting. Please click on the below.

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BalTec (UK) Ltd offers a range hydro-pneumatic cylinders manufactured by Farger & Joosten.
With force ranges from 2kN to 1000kN these cylinders have many applications from clamping to punching. These cylinders are available in a variation of types to give a cylinder that will be suitable for your application. Please click on the link below to get more detail.

Learn more on Multipower cylinders


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DOGA is world class assembly technology player. The torque reaction arm and torque monitoring systems manufactured by DOGA complements the range of screwdriving systems BalTec (UK) Ltd offers. A torque reaction arm will ensure your operators are protected from RSI when using a screwdriving system. The torque monitoring systems ensures that all of your screwdrivers are calibrated correctly to give you the quality joint that you demand. Contact us on BalTec (UK) Ltd and we will be happy to advise on the best product for your application.

Learn more about DOGA

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The company was established in 1972 and is specialized in industrial assembly, and a wide range of measuring and control tools & systems of which BalTec UK offers the tool balancers.
BalTec (UK) Ltd offers the assortment of Sira range of tool balancers. Where tools can be hung above the operator for ease of use.

Learn more about Sira S.p.A. or contact us using the form below.

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Aluminium profile, conveyor systems and work cells offered by Schnaithmann complements all of the assembly equipment supplied by BalTec (UK) Ltd. We can build all the other products we sell together in an assembly cell that suits your application. Riveting machines, presses and screwdriving equipment can be brought together to make up your assembly line using the Schnaithmann flexible assembly system.

Learn more about Schnaithmann.

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