BalTec's core competence lies in the execution and development of new solutions in the field of riveting technology - industry 4.0 ready. Our knowledge is the result of over 50 years of experience and specialization.

The extensive experience we offer in ready-made solutions ranges from simple riveting units to turnkey work cells with integrated riveting machines. Our global working specialists develop new applications every day to meet customers needs and specified requirements. From analysis to the feasibility study, we take all given parameters into account and create new ideas - innovation of new tools and profiles up to their production. 

Reach out to BalTec engineers in the early stage of your project and ask for recommendations. Our highly experienced engineers team will partner with you to review all necessary specifications and will help you develop prototypes or pieces based on our suggestions for further testing before you go into high-level production.

BalTec consulting and representatives in technology centers

Professional Development

Reliable connections is our aim. Be it in material, manufacturing or between two parties.

Thorough analysis and sophisticated development are essential pillars for a successful production. Our team of experts is driven to elaborate the best applicable solution, tool or fully equipped work-cell. Thanks to our comprehensive experience and the many projects we have supported, we can draw on a large pool of application examples and derive new innovations from them.


Commitment and Design

Our designers are professionals in using 3D CAD design programs to perform accurate design, calculations and simulations.

Sustained dedication and pronounced attention to detail lead to success because we are convinced that our long-term commitment and excellent service provide an even better customer experience, long life and functionality of machines and an efficient productivity in your manufacturing premises.

Project Analysis

Proper project analysis is the basis of our work when it comes to development. It includes recognizing the customers' problem, recording all boundary values, conditions, or influencing factors for design and development. We also need the definition of the customer's specific goals for the joining process.

After-Sales Service

Our quality products are durable, and connections are long-lasting. We maintain longtime customer relationships, and we are still here for you long after the sale is closed. That's what we call customer care.

Quality Management

BalTec follows clear Quality Management and process control regulations according to the following certificates:
ISO 9001 and EKAS 6508.

Roller forming heads with customized development for your special purpose.

Custom Made Forming Tools

Meeting customer demands regarding complex design problems and requirements challenges our engineers on a daily basis. Consulting and development of special solutions for customer projects are one of our core competence regarding engineering expertise and an essential part of our passion for joining solutions.

Having the specific tools needed for your forming project is cruicial. For example: a C-shaped metal forming tool is one special application that is requested often. The unique non-turning radial forming tool allows access in hard-to-reach applications like exceptionally deep and narrow assemblies.


BalTec forming tool


15. Dec 22

New Partner for Turkey

The Swiss BalTec AG, located in Pfäffikon Zurich, is pleased to have gained ESA Makine as a valuable new sales and service partner in Turkey.

08. Sep 22

Electric live in Germany

As a further BalTec representative, the company Technisches Büro Diehl from Langenfeld has also successfully completed the training on the ELECTRIC.

12. Jul 22

Experts on ELECTRIC

The members of our representative for Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia successfully graduated their training on our Electric riveter.

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