They keep the components in place, and are ideal to seat, compress or insert parts before riveting or cold forming.

There are different styles of downholders. The appropriate force and type must be established by trial. BalTec offers two different models of downholders. They come either with disc springs or coil springs, depending on the required amount of applied force. BalTec downholders are also applicable with MRX multi riveting heads.

panorama image of BalTec's down-holders
BalTec downholder with spiral springs

Downholder with coil springs

Dowhholders with coil or spiral springs are much softer and allow preload force without compressing the components. 
With coil springs, a very compact but open design is possible. A large force range is possible, depending on the spring rate and number of springs.

Down holders with coil springs are typical for low forces between 0.1 and 0.3 kN. Depending on the machine or unit type there are different sizes available.

Downholders with disc springs

Downholder with disc springs are for high forces up to 20 kN. Only short spring travels can be achieved. Disk springs offer very high forces, within an enclosed housing. Depending on the force needed to preload the part, more disc springs can be added or removed, which will impact the preload force.




BalTec Spring downholder

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