Riveting Machines

BalTec offers the perfect riveting machine for every application thanks to flexible and modular configurations - for riveting, joining, and forming processes!

Our products are used wherever high-quality connections and joints are required. Various configurations offer maximum flexibility and can be adapted very easily. The basis of all machines is the basic unit that produces high-quality connections by either radial riveting, orbital riveting or roller forming. We offer a wide range of solutions and develop processes for various joining applications with high-quality demand. We do achieve this thanks to our extensive experience with various forming technologies.

Standard Riveting Machines



BalTec radial riveting machine RN281-HPP

Bench top riveting machines

The RN and EN riveting machines are complete workstations with stable cast columns and tables. They have a two-hand start button including a safety relay, height adjustment & clamping, RN 081 – RN 331 and EN-types are standard pneumatic riveting machine packages, and RN 381 includes a standard hydraulic package, and work lamp. RN is for radial riveting applications while EN are designed for orbital riveting.

BalTec Radial riveting machine 381 with pedestal

Pedestal riveting machines

The RNS machines come as complete work station, specially designed for high or long parts. The working table is adjustable while the riveting unit remains fixed. The package includes stable cast column and table, and two-hand start button including safety relay. RNS 081 – RNS 331 machines include standard pneumatic package. RNS 381 – RNS 481 machines include standard hydraulic package.

BalTec radial riveting machine with rotary indexing table

With rotary indexing table

These RNR riveting machines are complete work stations and come with: column and riser plate, electrical rotary indexing table with 6 stations (optional with 4), safety enclosure, two-hand buttons including safety relay or foot pedal, with pneumatic ejection of the riveted parts on request, standard pneumatics, and work lamp.

BalTec double radial riveting machine RND281

Double riveting machines

The RND machines come as a complete work station: two riveting machines assembled on one frame (bench top model: RND 081 – RND 231, stand-alone work station: RND 281 – RND 331). The riveting units can be moved on both sides. Simultaneous riveting is possible. Time Based Control RC-30 serves both riveting units at the same time. The machines also inlcude options for two-hand start button including safety relay.