baltec roller forming unit with process control HPP-25

Roller Forming

The forming process is achieved through the form rollers, which are mounted to the roll forming head. 

This head in turn is driven by the machine at a controlled linear feed rate as well as the optimal rotational speed.

Forming thin-wall parts is possible since the downward force is minimal. Collapsing or bulging of material can pretty much be eliminated through that loosing of material height. The rollers form the material into the desired shape. Creating a seal is possible as the final form is well controllable. 

Roll forming heads and profile rollers are design application-specific. For each specific application, BalTec will manufacture an individual roller head. Workpieces and their dimensions define the design and execution regarding roller head design, such as the number of rollers, rotation speed and the form roller geometry. If needed, one can incorporate a pressure pad into the roller forming head.

The edge of the lower tube is formed.

Pressure sensor housing

Individual Roller Heads

For every roller forming item, there is an individual roller application necessary. The material will either be rolled inwardly or outwardly, depending on the parts and specifications. Due to many years of experience and the constantly changing customer needs, we have diversified and perfectioned the applications over time. We supply customized roller forming heads with two to five rolls that deform the material. 

Housing coupling

Shear mount assy

Hydraulic valve

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