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BalTec France was founded in 2002 and is a specialist in assembly solutions with many years of experience in radial and orbital riveting, roller forming or pressing. The subsidiary has a well-equipped technology center as a test and experimental laboratory to determine your part's best solution. Therefore BalTec France also manufactures prototypes. BalTec France is also your partner for marking and dosing solutions. The French team is ready to serve you with its broad range of expertise and skills in various fields and provide you with the best services in the shortest possible time.

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France as one of Europes most important industrial countries and BalTec being the specialist in riveting technology, offers complementary products and tools to enable their customers to purchase everything from one hand. Among them you will find well-known companies with high quality standards.

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BalTec France is specialized in the development of new riveting solutions, sample processing and consulting. The well-equipped technology center close to the capital Paris allows customers to explore the joining possibilities before production.

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Adactech is one of the worlds leading manufacturers in the area of dosing technology and systems. As BalTec France we offer a variety of dispensing products such as micro and volumetric valves. 

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Since 1954, COUTH® provides high quality and functional solutions and products for industrial marking and traceability. The product range reaches from impact, dot peen, scribing to laser marking technologies. 

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Couth Laser

Fiber laser marking systems by Couth Laser are high-quality components manufactured with the COUTH® guarantee, providing power ranges of 20W, 30W and 50W. Apt for any industrial application in the area of laser marking, suitable for all kind of metals, ceramics materials and a wide plastics range.

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German Gechter toggle and pinion presses are important to some industries. Therefore, BalTec UK and other subsidiaries offer - apart from our own BalTec standard riveting and roller forming machines - a variety of manual press systems, which have been used in all sectors of industry.

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