Browse through the vast range of original BalTec accessories, all of them manufactured in-house in our facility in Switzerland.

BalTec drawing of a downholder

Down holders

The BalTec downholder with disc springs or spiral springs are ideal to seat, compress or insert workpieces before riveting or forming. 

BalTec drawing of formprofiles

Forming Tools

All forming tools and standard riveting peens are manufactured inhouse. They are apt for materials such as HSS (High Speed Steel).

BalTec drawing of a multiple riveting head

Multiple Riveting

With the MRX, multiple rivets can be formed simultaneously within a limited area. This option allows you to produce more in less time.

BalTec drawoing of a rivet base detection

Rivet Base Detection

The BalTec rivet base detection devices recognize the rivet projection, serve as a hold-down device and help to reliably recognize components before forming with tolerance errors or missing components.

Baltec drawing for sliding tables type HST

Sliding Tables

BalTec sliding tables are accessories that allow loading and unloading of rivets in a safe and still efficient way. There are manual or pneumatic sliding tables.

BalTec drawing of a column


Complete columns are suitable to be used for radial riveting units RNE and radial riveting machines RN.

BalTec drawing of table and Column

Complete Column and Table

Similar to the columns these parts are suitable to be used for radial riveting units RNE and radial riveting machines RN but also include the corresponding tables.

BalTec brochure for you to catch a quick glimpse on the company and it's range of machines.

Riser Plates

We offer several sizes of riser plates to increase the distance between machine base and riveting peen. Please contact us for further information on these accessories.

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