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The BalTec headquarter is located in Pfäffikon, Switzerland. The company was originally part of Bräcker and was founded in 1968 as MBO. Its core competence is in the manufacturing of joining technology machinery and focusing on radial riveting technology and orbital riveting, roller forming, and pressing. BalTec has achieved expertise in the cold-forming area due to the long-lasting experience and is the world-wide leader in riveting technology and processes. All BalTec machines and devices are manufactured in Switzerland according to strict guidelines and production standards. The unchanging Swiss production site ensures a high consistency in terms of quality, both of the machines and accessories.


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+41 44 953 13 55

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+41 44 953 13 52




In December 2020, thanks to the Joh. Jacob Rieter Foundation, a modern photovoltaic system was installed on the roof of the BalTec Building in Pfäffikon, Switzerland. During the summer months, this system covers one-third of our electricity needs. This clean energy source also powers the electric vehicles in our visitor and employee parking lots. Any surplus energy is fed back into the Pfäffikon municipal utility grid. At BalTec we take conscious steps towards a greener future and prioritize sustainability wherever possible.

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