BalTec image for reference of the development of parts for a Robotic Medical Arm
Robotic Medical Arm

Consulting and design of a new BalTec riveting equipment for secure and reliable robotic medical arm with the ability to rotate.

BalTec Image of a project reference for plunger assembly
Plunger Assembly

The customer wanted to reduce the cycle time and increase his product output.

BalTec application of water pump housings
Water Pump Housing

We were contacted regarding the development of a joining process to retain a bearing assembly in a new water pump housing.

BalTec image for reference for bumper reinforcement
Bumper bars

Our customer asked for a joining method to reinforce the tube of bumper brackets because te current method of welding is expensive.

BalTec application for suitcase rollers
Suitcase Rollers

Sturdy riveted suitcase rollers are important when it comes to travelling. There is nothing more anoying than a broken roller or trolley when you want to move on.

BalTec Application of Thrust bearings
Thrust Bearings

Bearings often have to be secured to shafts. The correct position must be permanently ensured

BalTec image of riveted pliers
Riveting Pliers

Daily use of the pliers is pleasant when the ease of movement of the joint is constant, good enough and not too loose.

BalTec picture of ladder rung with square size
Ladder rungs

Rungs of aliminium ladders are round or square formed, but both have to be rugged and safe for those who climb up.