BalTec ring-stake solution to join non-geometric forms

Shear riveting

The challenge was the joining of a non-typical geometry like a bracket with a second part. Joining a shaft to a bracket, holding parts together was only possible by cutting a thread and installing a nut. An alternative would be welding.

Both joining methods are expensive and inherently disadvantageous (welding means heat). At the same time, the geometry of the part does not really allow forming of material.

The shaft of the "rivet" was designed in a way that "shear riveting" would become possible. It included the work of piece modification (increased hole diameter) and producing a new forming tool. Thanks to a special forming tool (with appropriate coating for a long service life), the parts could be joined with minimal forming force. There was no deformation of the component. Forming time also is minimal. The effort to implement this change was easily realized at a cost not worth mentioning.

Facts & Figures

Reference No. BDEA1023
Riveting Process Radial riveting
Material Steel
Geometry Ø: OD 3.2mm / ID 2.5mm
Shank type Solid shaft with a step
Rivet head geometry Clinched
Forming Tool Hollow forming tool with a cutting edge
Performance Data Cycle time: approx.1.3 sec, TDC-TDC
Devices Standard machine RN181, downholder is recommended
Process Control With or without process monitoring possible
Area of Application Automotive, general industry, white goods, precision industry, miniature components
Benefits of change of process Highly reliable process. When using process monitoring, there is 100% in-process quality control without additional effort.
User Benefits: Process Reduced effort when setting up or changing over the production line. Shorter cycle time, reliable process, and no undesired part deformation.
User Benefits: Economic Significantly lower investment costs (no additional handling devices and feeders needed) and massively reduced TCO.

This project was realized by BalTec AG

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