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Fuel Injection

The BalTec South Germany sales team, together with the development center at headquarters in Switzerland, developed and empirically proved the development of a plastic filter holders for fuel injections. 

The filter was previously joined by ultrasonic welding. This process is more complex.

The successful process change to radial riveting was able to replace the more complex ultrasonic welding process with equivalent quality and lower investment and operating costs regarding energy requirements. The team successfully integrated the new solution into the series production line in time.

Facts & Figures

Reference No. BDEA1008
Riveting Force max. 6.6 kN
Riveting Process Radial
Geometry dimensions Approx. Ø 20mm
Rivet head geometry Riveting tool with "drawn in" profile
Shank type Wall
Material Glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic with at least 30% glass fiber content to overcome the typical memory effect.
Forming Tool Special riveting forming tool with "draw-in" profile
Performance Data Forming time: approx. 1.2 sec.  /  Cycle time: approx. 2 sec.
Device RNE 181 riveting unit for line integration 
Process Control HPP-25 Process Controller
Interfaces USB, LAN, X4, X6, X9
Area of Application Automotive, filter manufacturers, pneumatic components, process industry  
User Benefits. Process Equivalent quality with easier to handle process
User Benefits: Economic Reduction of investment and production costs.

Project implemented by BalTec AG - Switzerland

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