BalTec image for reference for bumper reinforcement

Bumper reinforcement

Traditional riveting method require a rivet shank to be deformed to securely hold an assembly together.

The current method of welding the support tubes was expensive and caused quality issues.

Since the outside surface of the bracket cannot have any protruding material and required a thru-hole for a bolt clearance later in the assembly process, BalTec had to think ‘outside the box’. This unique application calls for the bracket material to be formed into the tube to secure the tube to the bracket but maintain thru-hole clearances.

Facts & Figures

Reference No. BUSA1017
Riveting Force 13.3 kN
Riveting Process Radial
Material Aluminium
Forming Time approx. 2.7 sec
Forming Tool Custom flat flare tool
Stroke 30 mm
Device RN 281
Process Control Time mode
Area of Application Automotive - in automobiles, bumpers, square aluminium tubing
User Benefits. Process Higher quality
User Benefits: Economic Less expensive joining method

Project implemented by BalTec Corporation - USA

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