BalTec lever with ball stud

Lever with ball stud

Ball or rivet studs DIN 71803 form B are fasteners for various applications especially in the automotive sector. In the course of process optimization, the complex welding process was replaced by radial riveting.

The ball stud was previously welded due to poor axial accessibility.

Since radial riveting requires considerably less force, it was possible to use a C-punch to bypass the interfering contour. Reworking and thermal influences are now a thing of the past. 

Facts & Figures

Reference No. BDEA1007
Riveting Force max. 17 kN
Riveting Process Radial
Material Steel
Geometry dimensions Round, diameter: 6.0 mm
Shank type Solid shank
Rivet head geometry Slightly crowned
Forming Tool Forming tool with flat profile
Performance Data Forming time: 1.5 sec    /    Cycle time: 2,0 sec.
Device RN 281 bench top machine (CE-compliant)
Process Control HPP-25 Process controller
Interfaces USB, LAN, X4 (2-hand release)
Area of Application Mechanics, electronics, automotive, locking systems, fittings, 
User Benefits. Process Reduced total investment (machine, periphery, personnel)
User Benefits: Economic Safer, simpler process at lower cost


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