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Plunger Assembly

The customer needed to rivet washers and springs to a plunger body to create a secure work piece.

The customer was having trouble with current cycle time and volume was expected to increase. They were intrigued by the capability of the RNR-181 indexing riveting station.

Due to the increased volume and need to decrease cycle time, BalTec suggested the RNR-181 indexing riveting station. This station incorporated a four position indexer to allow for increased output. The ability of the 181 to quickly form the rivets in less than 2 seconds further decreased cycle time and increased output.

Facts & Figures

Reference No. BUSA1019
Riveting Force 5.00 kN
Riveting Process Radial
Material Steel
Cycle Time approx. 2 sec
Forming Time approx. 0.6 sec.
Forming Tool Flat tool (5mm)
Stroke 24.0 mm
Device RN 181
Process Control Time Mode
Area of Application Automotive, mechanics
User Benefits. Process Decreased cycle time
User Benefits: Economic Higher output

Project implemented by BalTec Corporation - USA

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