BalTec image for reference of the development of parts for a Robotic Medical Arm

Robotic Medical Arm

The customer was in search of a joining solution for a part made of stainless steel for a robotic medical arm.

This was a new application being developed by the customer. They were in search of a dependable and precise machine in order to secure their workpieces together. The criteria for this work piece was a secure, reliable end effector with the ability to rotate freely.

BalTec was able to form the small diameter using the RN-151 machine. Due to the low force of the RN-151 and the precise control of the HPP-25, we were able to control the forming distance of the rivet to 0.1 mm. The end result was a secured arm and gripper, thus creating an appropriate end effector.

Facts & Figures

Reference No. BUSA1020
Riveting Process Radial
Material Stainless Steel
Forming Time appr. 2.65 sec.
Forming Tool Modified flat
Stroke 16.42 mm
Device RN 151
Process Mode S Mode
Area of Application Medical devices, Robotics
User Benefits: Economic New application

Project implemented by BalTec Corporation - USA

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