BalTec application for aluminium piston seal

Roll forming piston seals

The task was to roll aluminum seals inwardly onto the pistons used in an air compressor. The assembly is part of the tire puncture management system in the compressor and needed to be robust and function reliably. Failure could indirectly affect safety and endanger others and themselves.

The joint for this application had to ensure high process reliability with short cycle times. The seal also had to be flat and secure to ensure proper function.

Roll forming replaced radial forming, resulting in significantly higher process reliability while reducing cycle time and NOK parts due to the reduced forming force. The parts are now not subjected to high force during the forming process.
The BalTec subsidiary in southern Germany verified this roller forming solution in cooperation with the customer and the application team at the headquarter in Pfäffikon/Switzerland. Implementing and automating this process was carried out by the customer.

Facts & Figures

Reference No. BDEA1022
Riveting Force max. 1.5 kN
Riveting Process Roller forming
Material Aluminum
Geometry Round rim
Shank type Rim
Rivet head geometry Folding inwardly
Forming Tool Customized roller forming head with 3 rollers
Performance Data Forming time: approx. 0.8 to 1.0 sec.

1 x roller forming unit RLE 01-HPP with process control

Process Control HPP-25 Process Control
Interfaces USB, LAN, X4, X6, X9
Area of Application

Automotive supplier, general industrie, compressor equipment, industrial compressor, piston pump

User Benefits: Process High process stability, short cycle time, no rework. Low force applied to work piece, which resulted in reduced scrap rate. Tool is self-centering.
User Benefits: Economic Higher productivity and lower reject rate

This project was realized by BalTec Germany and BalTec AG

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