Process Control
Process control
232.00 mm
582.00 mm
319.00 mm

Can be combined with all pneumatic and hydraulic BalTec riveting and roller forming units as well as riveting and roller forming machines of the forming processes radial, orbital, roller forming
(Exception: Double riveting machines RND, riveting machine RN(E) 081 and work cells)

Standard Version
▪ All hardware based on semiconductor technology
▪ All connections on the back side via quick disconnect
▪ 6 different control criteria, 5 counter functions, memory for 63 riveting programs
▪ 45 different riveting modes are possible, including projection measurement and control to formed head height H (requires NHE-H)
▪ Up- / Download of parameter and riveting programs
▪ Download of process data and process curves via ethernet or USB
▪ Alarm-history download via USB
▪ Graphical display of riveting force and distance curve

▪ Mini SD card serves as storage for logger data (2 GB)
▪ Connection for distance and force sensor installed (includes X1, X2, X3, X20, X21)
▪ Ethernet port for data export via UDP protocol (Industry 4.0, MES)
▪ USB port
▪ User manual in the language of destination

▪ HPP-X4.01, connection incl. two hand relay for two hand switch, emergency stop
▪ HPP-X4.02, connection for emergency stop (w/o two hand control)
▪ HPP-X5.01*, connection for PVM module for pressure control valve, output 4-20 mA (for 151-331)
▪ HPP-X5.02*, connection for PVM module, output 0-700 mA (for 481)
▪ HPP-X6-01, connection for external safety/reset
▪ HPP-X7.01, connection for sliding table, sensor/actor box, 4 connections, PLC interface, control box
▪ HPP-X7.02, connection for customer specific functions
▪ HPP-X9-01, interface to customer PLC, incl. X9 connector / plug and cable (5 m) NOT for combination with two hand control
▪ HPP-090, release code for auto compensation (not including mechanical components)
▪ HPP-044, indicator light for status OK/NOK (requires HPP-X9-01)
▪ HPP-045, cable set extension, custom length upon request
▪ HPP-046, ethernet connection on back side instead of front side
▪ HPP-DLL-S7L-x, S7Link – bidirectional communication, process data transfer (in combination with Siemens control). License code to be ordered for each HPP control
▪ HPP-DLL-PCT, PC-Analysis Software HPP-PCTool, incl. UDP Protocol (on USB Stick)

* Proportional pressure valve not included

Subject to change.


With the analog process control, the riveting tests can be checked, the parameters can be set accurately, and the production can be adjusted efficiently and effectively. An asset for any enterprise. Compared to a simple time based control device like the RC-30, the HPP-25 Process Control is able to save the data such as analysis and logger data and make it available as an Excel file for later use. Programming and naming repetitive programs is also possible.