Time Base Control RC-30
Process control
160.00 mm
459.00 mm
230.00 mm

For combination with all pneumatic and hydraulic BalTec riveting units and riveting machines of the forming processes radial, (Exception: Work cells)

Standard Version
▪ All hardware based on semiconductor technology
▪ All connections on the back side via quick disconnect
▪ Stroke / hour counter resetable (total stroke / total hour counter not resetable)

▪ RC3-X1-01, connection for proximity sensor TDC and pneumatic valve up/down
▪ RC3-X2-01, connection for override proxi-mity sensor external reset and foot switch
▪ RC3-X3-01, connection for automatic lubrication (lubrication unit not included) and work light (24 VDC)
▪ Control Software on SD card – SW updates possible via SD card
▪ User manual in the language of destination

▪ RC3-X4-01, connection with integrated two hand relay for two hand switch
▪ RC3-X4-02, connection for emergency stop (w/out two hand switch)
▪ RC3-X4-05, connection for pneumatic sliding table (to load position or to work position)
▪ RC3-X5-01*, connection for valve fast approach / slow working speed incl. PVM analog output module 0-700 mA
(for 481)
▪ RC3-X5-02*, connection for valve fast approach / slow working speed incl. analog module with 4-20 mA output (proportional pressure valve) (for 151-331)
▪ RC3-X5-03, connection for valve fast approach / slow working speed w/o analog output module
▪ RC3-X5-04, connection Mycom switch for NHE-E
▪ RC3-X6-01, connection external safety/ reset
▪ RC3-X7-04, sensor/actor box for connection of pneumatic sliding table with interlock device; forming process starts automatically when sliding table is locked
▪ RC3-X7-05, sensor /actor box for connection of pneumatic sliding table w /out locking device
▪ RC3-X8-01, connection for status message relay output OK/ERR of the control

* Proportional pressure valve not included

Subject to change.

This modular control and can be used for:

- pneumatic riveting machines (single or double riveting machine)
- hydraulic riveting machines (single riveting machine)
- rivet base detection devices
- rotary indexing table riveting machines
- sliding tables