Pedestal Riveting Machine
Force generation
Riveting Force
2.20 kN - 6.60 kN
Rivet/Workpiece Ø
6.00 mm
Process control
5.00 mm - 30.00 mm
650.00 mm
950.00 mm
1815.00 mm
BalTec radial pedestal riveting machine model 181 with process control HPP-25 , BalTec Process Control HPP-25 (Classic-HPP) , BalTec riveting head for radial riveting processes, consisting of pressure cup and tool holder.

Standard Version
▪ Nominal force 6.6 kN @ 6 bar (max. operating pressure)
▪ Rivet shaft up to Ø 6 mm (Steel 370 N/mm2)
▪ Spindle stroke 5 – 30 mm with 0.01mm micrometer scale and mechanical stroke limit
▪ Machine weight: approx. 410 kg
▪ Electro-pneumatic drive – power supply @x@V, @cps
▪ Permanently lubricated spindle
▪ Pressure cup & tool holder Rp=@ mm for forming tool length Ls=@ mm
▪ 826725, Floor standing column, incl. table with height adjustment
▪ Color: light grey RAL 7035

▪ HPP-010-181, Process-Control HPP-25, connections X1, X2, X3, X20, X21
▪ Incl. SEI-100-181, Distance sensor, Type HPP-25
▪ Incl. SEI-200-181, Pressure sensors, Type HPP-25
▪ SEI-OTH-181, Sensor upper spindle position (TDC)
▪ PNP-HPP-181, Pneumatic service unit and pneumatic control package for HPP
▪ NZ-201, Adjustable task light, 24 VDC, LED
▪ Manual grease press (not included with automatic lubrication)
▪ Standard accessories and user manual in the language of destination
**Cycle initiation device (push button or foot switch) not included**

▪ RNS-SE-010, Left / right safety panels, open in the front, NSL-2HD-010 mechanical 2 hand buttons without E-stop, 2 hand relay (for 2 hand button & E-stop), HPP-X4-01 connection
▪ RNS-SE-020, Left side fixed panel / right side door w/ safety interlock, light curtain, NSL-010 foot switch, HPP-X4-02 connection
▪ RNS-SE-030, Left & right side door w/ safety interlock, light curtain, NSL-010 foot switch, HPP-X4-02 connection

Additional options
▪ HPP-X5-01, Connection X5 PVM Module (for control of PNP-PRV-020)
▪ PNP-PRV-020, Proportional-pressure control, integrated & ready for operation (requires HPP-X5-01)
▪ HPP-X6-01, Connection X6, external safety / Reset
▪ SEI-UTE-000, Sensor for spindle in work position
▪ NSL-010, foot switch
▪ NHE-MYC-U-01, Workpiece detection device NHE-U
▪ NHE-MST-xxx, NHE probe arm and probe (@)
▪ HPP-DLL-S7L-x, HPP-25 – Siemens S7 Communication link (S7LINK). License code to be ordered for each HPP control
▪ HPP-DLL-PCT, PC-Analysis Software HPP-PCTool, incl. UDP Protocol (on USB Stick)
▪ NZ-039, Automatic spindle lubrication system with lubricant level monitor
▪ NSL-2HD-011, Emergency-Stop (push button) for two-hand control (for option RNS-SE-010 only)

Subject to change.