Axial Thrust Bearings

Earlier, a circlip was used to secure the bearing, but this did not provide a 100% security. Due to the tolerances, the appropriate retaining ring had to be selected. Small residual play possible.

Bearings often have to be secured to shafts. The correct position must be permanently ensured. Axial securing is therefore mandatory!

The BalTec Competence Center in Pfäffikon / Switzerland, together with BalTec Sales Southern Germany, developed a radial riveting solution with a punch individually adapted to the component requirements. Instead of the retaining ring, a normal ring is now used for securing and is formed into the existing slot in the shank. The more complex and less reliable process using retaining rings of different thicknesses has been replaced by the radial riveting process, with a simultaneous improvement in quality. 100% parts safety, elimination of warranty claims, since no ball bearing can loosen any more.

Facts & Figures

Reference No. BCHA1021
Riveting Force max. 17 kN
Riveting Process Radial
Material Steel
Geometrie dimensions Part-specific
Shank type Part-specific
Rivet head geometry Component-specific
Forming Tool Special forming tool with hollow profile
Performance Data Forming time: 1.6 sec. Cycle time: 2,2 sec.
Device RN281-HPP-25, RN281 bench top machine CE-compliant
Process Control HPP-25
Interfaces USB, LAN, X4 (2-hand release)
Area of Application Automotive, Mechanics, Transmissions,
User Benefits. Process

100% part safety, elimination of axial play

User Benefits: Economic Cost reduction due to more efficient process. Elimination of warranty claims

This project was realized in the BalTec AG - Switzerland

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