BalTec France reference project of suitcase wheels

Suitcase Rollers

We had to find a riveting solution for a manufacturer of suitcase rollers to rivet the suitcase wheels.

The assembly of rollers is in general not so easy because there are a lot of tolerances and they should always have the same torque. On the other hand they need to be rugged for airplane/luggage transport.

Due to the very good sensibility of the RNE unit 231 with HPP-25. We were able to solve the problem adjusting the parameters more precisely with the help of the process control.

Facts & Figures

Riveting Force  
Riveting Process Radial
Material Pressed stainless steel
Device RNE 231
Process Control HPP-25
Area of Application Leisure
User Benefits. Process Less loss of time and material costs through more reliable process control and monitoring
User Benefits: Economic Higher quality, less customer complaints and less scrap


This project was realized by BalTec France

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