Roller head of BalTec's articulating roller forming machine


BalTec cold-forming machines are regarded worldwide as the most advanced technology to manufacture safe mechanical connections. As a leading supplier of high-quality riveting and roller forming machines, we are pleased to introduce the ELECTRIC EA30, the world's first roller forming machine with servo-controlled articulation.

With three individually programmable servos, the ELECTRIC EA30 is able to execute a variety of profile shapes in a single stroke. The forming capabilities include traditional roller forming, articulating roller forming, 3D articulating roller forming, and crimping. What makes the ELECTRIC EA30 so unique is the servo-controlled radial motion, which delivers significantly higher precision and control compared to conventional solutions that require manual adjustment of a mechanical stop.

Another attractive feature of the ELECTRIC EA30 is its slim design as all three servo motors are aligned within the unit. This machine is well suited for integration into automated production lines with limited space but also to be utilized as part of a stand-alone work cell where frequent changeover of nests and programs may be necessary.

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