Video file

How to proceed

The explanatory video will show you, how to find the products you would like to mark as your favourites and also how to find them at a later time to send a quotation request directly from your favourites list.

Browse the product finder

The new product finder allows the customer to select items according to the known parameters. 

Icon for favorits

If you are not quite sure if the selected item is the best choice, mark it as favourite. It will be added to a list of favourits you can view at a later time.

BalTec icon for favorites

Once you have selected all your products, you can click on the favorite list icon on the top right side of the page and access your list of favorites.

Icon for partner

Choose the partner closest to your country, state, or region.

BalTec icon to explain the request process Deselect the items you don't want and send your quotation request from there.