Rotary indexing table riveting machines

RNR Baltec Rundtisch Nietmaschine mit HPP-25 Konrtolle

Complete work station; column and riser plate, electrical rotary indexing table with 6 stations (optional with 4), safety enclosure, two hand buttons including safety relay or foot pedal, with pneumatic ejection of the riveted parts on request, standard pneumatics, work lamp.

With Process Control HPP-25:
Process monitoring with integrated riveting control, 6 different control criteria, 45 different riveting modes, accurate rivet detection during riveting cycle, integrated archiving and logging of process data.

With Time Based Control RC-30:
Riveting process is controlled by time setting, control is modular and, can be used for: pneumatic riveting machines (single or double riveting machine), hydraulic riveting machines (single riveting machine), NHE-E, control of rotary indexing table riveting machine, control of sliding table.

Subject to technical changes.

RNR Baltec Rundtisch Nietmaschine mit HPP-25 Konrtolle